Textile Tales: Happy French Gang

Have you heard? There's a new gang in town! -- Happy French Gang!

Launched in 2013 by Sandra Dejanovic, Happy French Gang combines "French vision with California creation," into a chic line of throws, pillows, & blankets for mom and baby.  Before Dejavnovic was a Maker, she was a project manager engineer in Paris for 10 years, but after leaving her job and moving to San Francisco, she found her way back to "fabric land."  Working with textiles might be second nature to Dejavnovic, who was born into a world of fabrics, thanks to her mom who was a lingerie designer.  

Check out Happy French Gangs washed-out hues and French-California vibes here at FieldTrip. Our favorite "Cloudy Blanket" will brighten up all your cloudy days in Portland! 

Kara GreenField Trip