Stay Wild

Image via Stay Wild

Image via Stay Wild

Stay Wild is a dreamy adventure magazine that wants to inspire actual adventures. The magazine features amazing outdoor photography accompanied by adventurers sharing their trip stories. In their quest to connect adventure-seekers, Stay Wild just announced the dates for the second Adventure Fest (August 18-20, 2017 in Portland), which features outdoor workshops, makers, and a party.

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The most recent issue, Winter 2017, includes stories that make us want to brave the current cold spell and get out into the wild. The article "The Wild Ones" by Becky Goebel chronicles four ladies on motorcycles traveling across 6 countries in Europe. This short read manages to capture the wonder (bright-green hills, castles being struck by lightening, feeling like you can do anything) and the pitfalls (unexpected storms, etc) of adventures in foreign countries. The article is inspiring and makes us long to take an all-lady trip. 

With dreamy descriptions on and off the Montauk beach, "Stranger Thangs" by Justin "Scrappers" Morrison (with images by James Katsipis, Jessica Altieriies, Cornia Barnick, and Adam Walker) captures the fun that can be had in-between waves on a surf trip. The gorgeous photos of Montauk beach and details of a small brewery will have you longing for east coast beaches. Come by the store to pick up a copy to fuel that adventure-lust.


Kara Green