Macrame Plant Holders

We're proud to announce a new Field Trip-made product! Our Field Trip macrame plant holders are created by macrame knotted in shop, the ceramic pots are custom made by Portland-based Kate Mudd, and come with a plant. The plant holders come in two sizes and three lengths of fringe. 

The plants included range from ferns to succulents, so there is a plant that will fit your room. All plants in the holders are easy to care for, just water once a week.

Having plants indoors not only looks amazing, but is beneficial to your health. Plants cleanse the air by removing the carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They also help remove dust and bacteria in the air. Keeping plants indoors is believed to increase well-being, by helping with stress, increasing productivity, and reducing noise pollution.   

Add a touch of Field Trip to your space or gift the benefits of houseplants with the Field Trip macrame plant holder. 

Kara Green