Love for your Mother- Mother's Day gift ideas

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we are here to plant the seed of mother love for all the mamas out there.  Our shelves and tables are stocked with beautiful items that will surly make any mother smile on her special day.  Whether it is self care, the perfect shade of lipstick, an inspiring book, or a lovely item for her home,  Field Trip is your one stop shop for finding that something special for ALL the magical mama's out there.  

Here are just a few ideas for your mom, a mom friend, or a mama gift to yourself!  

Items from top left:

1. Small Plant (available in store)

2. Melissa Jean Made Plant Hanger (available in store or call for purchase)

3. Wyld Sponge 

4. Crosby Hair Perfume

5. Natural Science Beauty Scrub

6. Quartz Crystals

7. Orgaid Masks  

8. The Balm by Nucifera

9. Kosas Cosmetics Lipstick


Kara Green