Smoke Artisan Perfume Co. Body Oils

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Welcoming a couple new oils from Smoke Artisan Perfume Co., just in time for the drier fall months.  The oils are ultra hydrating, luxuriously moisturizing, and rich in skin-healthy oils.  Both the Rose and Cypress blends, are made with locally grown, handpicked ingredients, infused in organic oils on the full or new moons.

The Rose blend is a heart oil and aids in lifting depression and imbuing a sense of joy and hope.  The blend also helps to, decrease acne, lock in moisture, fight inflammation, and tones the skin.

The Cypress blend is wonderfully supportive to the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.  Tonifying, regulating, detoxifying, and decongesting, it is an excellent aid for varicose veins, cellulite, cystitis, water retention, reducing excessive perspiration, and oily or congested skin. Cypress is cooling to the nervous system/adrenals, and may offer comfort in times of grief, trauma, or sadness.

Smoke Artisan Perfume Co., was created in New Orleans entirely by accident, when founder Kathleen Currie was experimenting with different essential oils and was blown away by what became her very first perfume blend.

Both the Rose and Cypress body oils are now available at Field Trip, in store and online.

Kara Green