The Sheet Mask Cult

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Known as the hottest beauty trend of 2018, sheet mask are the must-have beauty product of the year.  You may have seen them on your Instagram feed where the sheet mask selfie has become quite a thing.  But beyond the selfie hype, these serum soaked cloths are super charged with goodness to nourish and hydrate your skin and help with that "glow".  Here at Field Trip, we are super fans of the sheet mask from ORGAID. ORGAID has developed the first sheet mask made in USA with a scientific formula composed of high-quality organic ingredients.  No parabens, No formaldehyde, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No fragrance, No animal testing, No  Gluten,  No  Animal testing,  and Vegan. Safe and healthy skincare at its finest. 

ORGAID sheet mask use a unique formulation of certified organic botanical ingredients, nutrient packed that go deep into the skin and stay there.  ORGAID uses Ecoderma sheet fabric which is a combination of positive attributes from non-woven fabric and natural hydrogel.  The material of the mask smoothly contacts the skin, is highly breathable, and aids in deeper absorption of serum into the skin.

Field Trip stocks ORGAID Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask , Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask, and Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask both in our store and online

Make it a self care day and treat yourself to one ORGAID's sheet mask and we are sure you will be hooked. 


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