Our New Artist - Elana Gabrielle


Elana is a multidisciplinary illustrator, designer, and maker living in Portland. Driven by a desire to learn about and care for the natural world, many of her collections focus on specific issues in a region, such as the effects that climate change has on endangered species. Her work is refined, elegant, and imbued with educational components, yet also playful and lighthearted.

We are delighted to be showing a series of works from Elana’s “Vessels” collection, inspired by a summer spent in Southern France exploring ancient ruins, remnants of historical artifacts and hillsides overgrown with foliage. In this collection, she uses cut paper, acrylic and ink to create natural plant forms and handmade vessels. We are also carrying a selection of her textiles, stationary items and prints. Come check it out through November!

Kara Green