Field Trip is excited to welcome The Sum to our array of beautifully and conciously crafted fragrances and goods for the body.  The Sum is a Portland, OR based jewelry and fragrance brand that focuses on creating beautiful unisex body adronments and fragrances. Inspired by the patterns, geometry and nature that unite us as One.

Let’s live wisely and die free. Let’s question the why, not the how. Let’s think and learn and create and dream and observe. Let’s adorn our bodies with greatness.
— The Sum

The sum fragrances are hand blended from sacred elements and sterling silver and offer refined, modern scents that feature the highest quality ingredients. Field Trip is thrilled to offer The Sum Fragrances - "The Black," "The White," and "The Red."

The Black
Rich, luxurious, and effortless. The Black is a meditation on the absence of color. Its addictive grace heightens all of our senses with its soothing intensity and depth. It coats our world with a layer of natural beauty that makes everything more pleasurable.

Notes: Ceremonial Oud, Black Stone, Sterling Silver

The White
The smell and feeling of clean white smoke. The White is a bright ethereal presence that purifies through a calming cloud. Fresh yet slightly woody, comforting yet mysterious. It balances new beginnings with the nostalgic feeling of a good memory.

Notes: White Smoke, Iris, Wood, Sterling Silver

The Red
Exotic, warm, and enveloping. The Red brings us through a kaleidoscope of far away lands, altered experiences, and endless adventures. Its smooth spicy glow surrounds us with a reassuring confidence to explore the unknown.

Notes: Fire, Saffron, Amber, Sterling Silver

Kara Green