oLive + ani

oLive + ani is a heavenly line of natural oil blends and deodorant balm. Every product is handmade in small batches in Lafayette, Louisiana. We love this brand, because they've created simple, to the point natural medicine that, above-all, works wonderfully. 


The Lunar Oil combines:

Mugwort - which promotes vivid dreams

Chamomile - known to help relaxation and sleep

Clary sage - which can help relieve insomnia

Lavender - to improve sleep and reduce stress

in a jojoba oil base. The oil is intended to be incorporated into nightly rituals. Roll it on the nape of neck, temples, and wrists for help with sleep and lucid dreams. Lunar oil is natural and simple to apply. Sleep is a powerful part of self-care; without sleep humans cannot properly function. Having an ace in your pocket for those nights when sleep alludes you can help fight not only insomnia but also the stress that comes along with it. 


The Soothe Oil for headache and tension relief uses:

Lavender - to aid with relief from stress and pain

Peppermint  - for it's cooling effect 

Birch - used for it's anti-inflammatory properties

to create a powerful oil that can break-up tension and fends off headaches. Try it on the nape of neck, temples, and wrists. Soothe Oil is natural, smells amazing, and is easy to carry. Keep it nearby while you work or carry it in a bag so it's always on hand. Once you experience the amazing way it eases headaches, you'll want to keep this oil close.

Kara Green