Superfoods are foods that have maintained their standing in the staple diets of every major civilization! They are revered for their nutritionally dense properties that enhance health, wellbeing and longevity. Some of the compounds found in these foods are unique are rarely found in other foods, which categorizes them as natural therapeutic, healing agents.  Heres is a list of Superfoods that support a diet for the promotion of longevity! 

From the Water: 

Micro-Algae - Theres are over 40 thousands varies of micro-algae, which are responsible for an estabmied 80-90% of the earths overall oxygen and food supply.  Micro-algae and phytoplankton deliver extraordinary nutrition for humans across the board, especially for developing children, women at all stages of pregnancy, the elderly and people with chronic bone and muscular atrophy. 

Chlorella - widely regard for its advanced detoxification capabilities, especially in removing environmental toxins, plastic compounds and heavy metals. 

Marine Phytoplankton - Considered the basis for all living organisms on the planet.  Phytoplankton accounts for half of all photosynthetic activity on the planet and as it moves through the food chain, it influences every form of life from start to finish.  Abundant in minerals that aid brain, nerve, cellular energy production and muscle fuel. 

Spirulina - contains powerful antioxidant pigments that support all biological processes and specifically wonderful for eye and nervous system health. 

From the Land: 

Aloe Vera - Immune boosting and antioxidant rich, aloe helps identify and eliminate free-radicals and increase longevity. Best known for its topical uses - aloe aids the body in calming the digestive disturbances such as ulcers and IBS. 

Coconut - In the Philippines the coconut tree is referred to as the "tree of life" and revered for its hydrating and replenishing abilities. 

Cocoa - an alchemical food because it can go from nut to chocolate bar with some assistance.  It is a powerful vehicle for herbal medicine and supplies a range of essential nutrients an phytochemicals. 

Yerba Mate - considered one of the most medicinal caffeinated plants with proven effects of enhancing metabolic rate, focus, concentration and metal alertness. It is heart protective, cognitively enhancing and mood supportive. 

From the Bees: 

Honey- a superior form of carbohydrates, honey is an easily digestible source of energy full of B vitamins and minerals.

Bee Pollen- one of the best sources of nutrition in nature it can bridge the gap for individuals experiencing nutrient deficiencies. Its protein content is said to be around 40% free-form amino acid and exceeds all animal products as a complete protein. 

Royal Jelly - is the secretion from a honey bee used as a high quality source of nutrition for the development of the Queen bee.  Royal Jelly is considered to support fertility, immunity and longevity. 

Propolis - a resinous material collected by bees that is full of bacteria fighting compounds, rich in amino acids, minerals iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Most importantly, propolis contains bioflavonoids which act as antioxidants and empower the immune system, blocking stressors that attack our bodies daily. 


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Kara Green