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Image by Emily Balivet

Image by Emily Balivet

I am not usually one to ruminate on things but with the recent social and political climates changing, I have come to use my divination tools for healing rather than fortune telling. One of the many I use, is the ancient and ever-fascinating tarot. This school of mysticism can be an invaluable and insightful guide. Various decks and spreads provide simple or complex answers depending on what you use. Go with one that calls to you in the moment. I like to pull major arcana when asking how to cope with something because you are working directly with the "personalities" of the system; the characters in the fool's journey (a metaphor for our own). Whichever archetype arrives is my guide for the healing. Sometimes these personas ask abundant questions of me. Often they encourage me to think deeper about what it is I suffer from or how I can help others heal. I like to embody the majors as if I am on stage; imagining myself as Strength, should she choose to be my teacher in this sacred space. I offer this exercise to you to practice your own healing with. Use your heart and mind to draw forth the teachers within yourself so that we may succeed in showing others the way to social and political health. We are stronger together. 

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Tracy Talley is a Portland based mystic specializing in numerology, tarot and life guidance. Check out her mystery school for local, mystical flavor held here at Field Trip. Sessions held locally and via Skype. Go to for more info.

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