Everyday Oil

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   Founded by Emma Allen, Everyday Oil is the answer to a void she found in the market.  In search of a face and body oil, she found it difficult to find one with all the right ingredients or smell that she wanted, and often they were in tiny, expensive bottles.  She had friends who were just slathering coconut oil all over themselves from big health food store jars, and thought there had to be a middle ground somewhere.

   It took several trials to create a blend that had all of the qualities she wanted to represent, a blend that absorbed well without sitting on top of the skin, that was super hydrating but also cleansing, and that smelled amazing.  Everyday Oil became something that replaced everything else in Emma's skincare routine, the idea of being able to use one product for everything and everyone, was essential.  

   Through her efforts she has been able to blend an oil that everyone from her friends to her father are happy to use, while also making a conscious effort to keep price points low without sacrificing quality. 

   Everyday Oil is 100% plant based - there is nothing synthetic or artificial.  The science behind each oil is amazing.  They do everything from boosting cell and collagen production to protecting the skin from UV damage, killing bacteria, easing inflammation…even helping resolve acne, preventing hyper-pigmentation and increasing circulation to the skin.  The list goes on. 

Everyday Oil has been recently restocked at Field Trip, come by the shop or buy it online.


Kara Green