Mystical Monday Tarot - Eight of Swords

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This week's tarot card is the eight of swords. Eight is the number of power, plenty and activation. Swords are our thoughts and ideas. This eight is about disempowerment. We have outgrown our ideals. Sadly, this is often self-inflicted. In our truth seeking we have debilitated our plans. The vibe on this card is similar to that of night swimming. We are deeply aware of our thoughts and are testing our fearlessness but our uncertainty of what's in front of us can incapacitate our next move. Our decision becomes indecision and we suffer in this place. 

Ultimately, we need to have the courage to to see things for what they are, however ugly and unsettling. This is also a reminder that we do not always need to use the eyes on our face. Our third eye is always available to be our inner guide. Trusting our intuition to find what we need to do to get through our discomfort is our best way forward. SEE the opportunity in the stillness with new eyes.

Written by Tracy Talley of The Mystical