Sistr Botanic Rituals


Sistr Botanic Rituals is a new Portland-based line of perfume. We love the brand's story of being a love song or a mixtape to the strong women of the world. Every scent is handcrafted using only organic, wildcrafted essential oils in a jojoba oil base. The rollers were designed to be uniquely healing. 


Ostara before a flight to prevent from getting sick; this scent blends petitgrain and lavender to relieve stress, aid with sinus pressure, and boost immunity. Apply to pulse points and the chest.

RU before a shower to create a detoxing, natural steam to help with a hangover. RU combines cardamon, sage, and sweet myrrh to detox the body and remove negativity from the mind. Try it on upper arms, stomach, and thighs. 

Ana for a jolt of vitality and harmony during uncertain times (like the New Year!) Apply to pressure points, such as wrists and behind the ears, to experience the healing power of Patchouli, Palmarosa, and Sandalwood.

Kara Green