California Dreaming with Saguara Perfumes

Moved by the stillness of the California Desert, Saguara Perfumes pays homage to the redolence of this transcendent wasteland.  From the native herbs and desert blossoms that dance in the desert air, Sagura's handmade artisanal scents capture the ancient spirit of this harsh yet harmonious landscape.  New to Field Trip are Saguara's three magical scents: Coyote Mint, Desert Lavender, and Cactus Bloom.

COYOTE MINT, a cooling blend of desert herbs with hints of heady jasmine and warm vanilla.  Smoky palo santo, a sacred wood used for centuries in shamanic rituals, protects against negative energy and uplifts the spirit.

DESERT LAVENDER blushes on the cooling morning breeze. Fresh and bright, this invigorating herbal scent contains notes of warm sandalwood to balance the crisp essences of lavender and verbena.

CACTUS BLOOM captures the fleeting magic of the Saguaro cactus’s midnight flowers. Ripe melon, powdery mimosa, and smoky tobacco create an intoxicating floral that’s accented by a burst of bracing lime.

Cruelty-free. Vegan. No animal testing. Handmade in Los Angeles.

Kara Green