Mother's Day Gift Guide

Webster's defines Mother as:

a female parent, the source/origin necessity is the mother of invention, or maternal tenderness or affection

Mother's day is a day to give back to the women who do so much for us, whether that's a biological mother, a grandmother, a female role model, or the mother of your child. It's a day to celebrate and care for the women in our life who who nurture, support, and root for us. There's no wrong woman to celebrate on Mother's Day.

In that spirit, below are our top gifts to care for the women who nurture us (from top left to right):

Caroline Hurley's printed linen napkins - we love these hand-printed napkins, which are made in the U.S.A, they can be used as place mats, tea towels, or just to add some print to the kitchen.

From Molly With Love Heart Chakra - aromatherapy spray helps to open, balance, and expand the energy your heart, 100% all natural ingredients. This spray is the perfect addition to a morning ritual, mediation practices, or as a mood-booster throughout the day.

Daughter of the Land -  Sage & Grass Face & Body Oil -  Made in Brooklyn NY using fair trade and organic ingredients, smells like fresh cut grass, earthy & herbal, leaves skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. This is the gift to nurture the woman who nurtures you. 

Norden Ojai Candle - inspired by California's Ojai valley, this candle is hand poured into a speckled white terra cotta ceramic, that can be used as a bud vase later. A great, earthy scent to accompany a family meal, mediation, or relaxation time.

Willful Goods Spoons - a beautiful, practical gift. These can be a useful centerpiece in the kitchen or on the table. Perfect for those who love to cook and have everything for the kitchen; these are also great for those who prefer a few small lovely things.

Mother's day card by Taiga Press Card - lovely, simple design, printed in Tillamook, Oregon

Kosas Lipstick in Stardust - made in LA with rosehip and green tea oils to create a moitzuring, lavish experience for lips - stardust is the greatest everyday lip color - a great sheer nude color with pinks and browns so it can wear from the office to a coffee date to brunch on the weekends

Kara Green