Gather Journal

Mushroom and Onion Buckwheat Bread via Gather

Mushroom and Onion Buckwheat Bread via Gather

Gather Journal is the key to entertaining. This bi-annual magazine focuses on eating, drinking, and cooking. Every issue features recipes surrounding the issue’s theme and mixtape by amazing musicians. 

Issue 10, Winter 2017 focuses on the seven deadly sins, with recipes to accompany each sin. We’ve been eyeing the Cold Breaker Cocktail from the Gluttony section (it combines jam and beer !!), the Never Fear, You are Here Cocktail (complete with cotton candy) in Envy, and the Simple Root Vegetable Stew featured under Sloth (which makes feeling lazy sound healthy). The Mixtape by Weyes Blood has a fun 70’s vibe that’s perfect for any chilly winter day. 

Issue 9, Summer 2016 covers the 1970's. With recipes influenced by the style of the 70's (such as the diamond girl cocktail), film (including the "Sleeping with the Fishes" Bronzino), music, television, and David Bowie (Golden Third Eye Mochie Ice Cream  - anyone?!) Mixtapes from this issue are inspired by the likes of Pat Cleveland and Mick Rock. 

Issue 8, Winter 2016 is centered around the idea of origins. Sections include recipes focused on the ocean (the Coconut Lychee Aquarium looks like a fun and tasty treat) and space (featuring a Gingerbread "Milky Way" Tres Leches which uses glitter to create a beautifully delicious galaxy). We're obsessed with the Wild Belle Mixtape, which is a mix of catchy funk, jazz, and soul.

Kara Green