Hygge Season


    Temperatures are finally starting to drop, the sky is grayer, and for those of you in Portland, the rain season is officially back.  While we are sad to see the daylight go, it's the perfect time to recharge, before the holidays descend upon us.  In other words, we’re approaching hygge season. (The Danish and Norwegian word for describing coziness, well-being, and togetherness.)

   Literally translating into "the feeling of being home", hygge can be a state of mind, achieved, simply by doing what makes you comfortable and happy.  But just in case you were looking for a few things to help you relax and settle in this weekend, we've got you covered.  Below some of our favorite things to stay in with,  available in store and online.

Nourished Journal - Full of inspiring interviews, recipes to make, and holistic approaches to well-being, this is the perfect reading for a low key weekend.

Par Avion Tea - These artisan blended teas are perfect for the season, spiced with a bit of sweetness, enjoy alone or as a latte with frothy milk.

Yuzu Soap Bath Bombs - 100% all natural and handcrafted with rich coconut oil, and aromatic essential oils, moisturizing and relaxing.

Incausa Bath & Meditation Bundle - A bundle of Breu resin, Palo Santo, White Sage, artisanal incense, along with vegan small batch soap, is all the sacred smoke and aromatherapy you'll need to calm the mind.  

Norden Ojai Candle - Inspired by a visit to Ojai in late winter, this candle brings the scent of grass, forest, earthy balsams, resins, palo santo, and warmth into your home.

Kara Green