Herb Essentials Moisturizer

Finding a good facial moisturizer that loves your skin back is no easy feat.  But we have found one that we can't live without and must share!  Herb Essentials moisturizer is a favorite here at Field Trip.  Made with Cannabis Sativa seed oil, this moisturizer stimulates the natural oil production your skin needs to keep hydrated and elastic.  Its unique properties also counters overproduction to prevent clogged pores.  We love the feel of this moisturizer on the skin. It is the right amount of emollient and feels hydrating without being too heavy.  Skin feels extra soft and extra happy!  Engineered around Cannabis Sativa Seed oil and fortified with organic apple fruit extract, green tea and more, this moisturizer helps your skin stay young and healthy everyday.  

Based out of New York, Herb Essentials brings you high performing skincare products that utilize the unique beneficial properties of Cannabis. All products are engineered around oils derived from this plant and fortified with organic ingredients to maximize the effect of the specific product and its purpose. Herb Essentials products contain none of the psychoactive substance THC and are 100% legal.

Herb Essentials Moisturizer is great for all skin types. Made with organic ingredients. Never tested on animals. Paraben free. Made in USA.

Field Trip also stocks Herb Essentials Body Lotion, Lip Balm, and Scented Candle.  


                                                    Herb Essentials Moisturizer                                            

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