Colin Adrian Stained Glass

Image via Colin Adrian

Image via Colin Adrian

We've been selling Colin Adrian's handmade stained glass feathers and palms in the windows of the store for a few months. We've noticed so many people admiring them, that we've decided to make them available in the online shop!

Adrian started as an oil painter; he fell in love with stained glass in France and the rest is history. He uses his love of the outdoors and childhood in Southern California as inspiration for his work. 

These lovely, colorful pieces are handmade in Portland. They're sure to bring in light and love on even the hardest of days. Hang one in a place you can see while you unwind after a stressful day to keep you focused on the positive or give one to someone you love to bring them joy and light. The stained glass feathers are available in 3 sizes and multiple colors, so you can find the one that fits your home or your friend perfectly.

Kara Green