Small Batch Gift Guide - Head to Toe

1. Body Brush
To use in the shower or to dry brush

2. Wild Medicine Soap 
Soap infused with crystals and essential oils. Try:

Rose Quartz / Geranium / Sea Salt to open the Heart Chakra, relieve stress, and soften the skin

Titanium Quartz / Tea Tree to energize all Chakras with antiseptic topical benefits 

Fluorite / Lavender for a calming, grounding scent

Calcite / Eucalyptus / Calendula to relieve stress with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

3. Bodha Modern Wellness Diffuser and Calm Ritual Oil 

For the gift of calm, a hand-cast tea-light diffuser in the loveliest shade of blush to bring out the best of any essential oil; combine with the Calm Ritual Oil with germanium, sage, and lavender for a beautiful calming scent

4. La Tierra Sagrada Shampoo

For the cleansing nature and amazing smell of palo santo

5. The Balm By Nucifera

For its repairing qualities; use anywhere from head to toe 

6. Olio E Osso Balms

An all-in-one balm; use for soft lips with a hint of color to a light cheek stain to a flyaway hair miracle

Kara Green