Image via Crosby

Image via Crosby

Crosby is our newest line of smell-good, feel-good lovelies. We're obsessed with their amazing packaging that we want to see on our shelves at home and their commitment to creating all-natural, small-batch products. Crosby comes from the hands and hearts of a mother, daughter team. The brand name comes from the mother's maiden name, which is a beautiful tribute to family. 


We've been burning their all-natural, soy candles, which are crafted without phahagons, in the shop this week. We love Goldtone to inspire the feeling of a warm, sunny day. This scent was created to mimic the smell of Mexican summer with notes of black coconut, spearmint, and amber. Goldtone is the remedy for gray, rainy days; it feels like a vacation in a candle. Another shop favorite is Nomad with its burnt cedar, fir needle, and tobacco notes, which leave us dreaming of adventures. The smell is wonderful for bringing the outdoors in while working, cooking, or just hanging out inside. 


Image via Crosby

Image via Crosby


We adore Crosby's Hair Perfume. The beautiful frosted amber bottles are something magical to carry around or keep on bathroom shelves. The mist inside the bottles are long-lasting scents that are sure to boost moods and make you smell great. Each scent blends essential oils, argan oil, and jojoba oil to create a moisturizing spray with an amazing scent. It's impossible to pick a favorite! 


Opal smells like sunny laundry with notes of tangerine, lavender, and honeysuckle 

Garnet is a spicy, floral scent with atlas cedar, rose attar, and bergamot

Topaz uses juniper berries, pink pepper, and neroli to create a earthy, smoky presence

Emerald is a favorite for a cleansing, woodsy smell with its notes of palo santo, patchouli, and sage


These hair perfumes are the perfect addition to a morning ritual or a quick freshening up during the day. 

Kara Green