A Healthier Halloween Weekend

Halloween can be a tough holiday for parents trying to raise healthy children , between trying to get them to bed on a sugar high, keeping cavities at bay, and trying to avoid a tantrum for subbing apples for chocolate, the day can easily be filled with frustration instead of excitement and fun.   

Below are our three favorite ways to satiate our little one's sweet tooth, as well as our own.

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1.  Freaky Health  Chocolate (this might be one you save for yourself)

Made with adaptogenic herbs and wild raw cacao, each bar is blended to have focused health benefits.  An added bonus is that all of their chocolate is made without processed sugar, dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, and soy, so no need to worry about allergies.

Freaky Health Chocolate is now available in our store and online.

Image via  Deliciously Ella

2.  Maple and Pecan Halloween Treats

If you’re looking for a healthier take on that snickers bar, this is the recipe to try. They’re filled with roasted pecans, raw cacao, and sweetened with maple syrup, and work great with any fun moulds you can get your hands on.  Check out the recipe at Deliciously Ella.

Image via  Pure Ella.

Image via Pure Ella.

3.  Halloween Ghost Macaroons

So easy to make the kids can help, healthy, vegan, naturally sweetened, gluten free, dairy free, no bake, dessert ghosts, need we say more?   View the recipe at Pure Ella.

Kara Green