Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal constructs beautiful accessories. They describe their aesthetic as "fresh, sleek, and chic." We love their studs for their simplistic, wearable designs. All studs are sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver to ensure they are easy to wear for those with metal sensitivities. Best of all Moorea Seal donates 7% of their proceeds to 5 rotating charities that work to benefit Children's Needs, Women's Causes, Protecting Our Planet, Caring for Animals, or Health and Wellness.

The Moorea Seal Mini Half Moon Studs are tiny but mighty. Measuring in at 1/8" in length, these mini studs are the perfect everyday earring. They add a touch of moon magic in a classic, tiny package. 

The Moorea Seal Young Moon Studs are a unique way to carry the moon with you everywhere you go. The Young Moon shape is interesting because it's less common than the crescent and half moon studs that are sweeping the market. At 1/4" inch, they are the ideal size for someone who wants to make a statement without wearing her ears down. These studs are classic enough to be worn at work and fun enough to wear on an evening out. 

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Kara Green