WeaveOn was founded in Portland by Field Trip shopgirl, Hannah. She creates weavings that relay on texture and limited color palettes to create interesting minimalist pieces. We currently stock her Neutral Tricolor Fringe Tapestry, with soft pockets of shag-like fringe, and her Blue Band Tapestry

If you've always wanted to learn to weave, Hannah will be leading the next Field Trip weaving workshop on Sunday, February 12th (sign up here). The workshop will cover to how warp a lap loom, plain weave, pile weave, and rya knots. All materials needed to complete a weaving are included and everyone will take home a 8.5" x 11" loom, a pickup stick, comb, tapestry needle, and 2 shuttles. The loom included in the workshop is the perfect size to learn to weave and to perfect your skills; it can easily fit in a bag so you can take it wherever you go. You'll leave the workshop with the tools and skills to empower you to weave up a storm. 

Kara Green