Rebekah Erev Studio

Image via Rebekah Erev Studio

Image via Rebekah Erev Studio

Rebekah Erev Studio is in the business of rituals. As a Jewish Priestess, she hosts and creates ceremonies for everything from weddings to Mikvahs to funerals. We're excited to carry her Moon Angel Deck, to help create a morning/evening/full moon/new moon ritual. The deck ties feelings (also known as Angels in Judaism) to the moon cycle. Each deck comes with 29 cards and a book with insight on each card! Come by the shop to pick a card or grab your own deck!

To use

Hold your inquiry or the matter at hand focused in your mind as you shuffle and handle the cards. Then, chose one of these options to guide your reading:

Pull one card— Reflect on the image and if you are called, read the description in the book.
Pull two cards— One for insight into the matter at hand, one for tools that can help with the matter.
Pull three cards— One for the past, present and future in regards to what you most want to know.

You can pull a card before falling asleep to guide your dream time. Upon waking, recall your dreams, look to the card you picked to bring insight.

When waking, pull a card to begin your day and bring attention to synchronicities throughout your day.

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