New Year Rituals

The New Year is a powerful time for new beginnings and intention setting. We wanted to share a few of the shop favorites to help prepare for new adventures in the new year. 


Moondeli Bliss Booster - to bring the mind to the present

With cacao and maca to improve mood, cayenne for detox, and Himalayan pink salt to balance pH levels. Mix with anything drinkable, oatmeal, or yogurt for a centering boost.

Moorea Seal Project Planner - to help get keep track of all the amazing new projects

This planner is broken down project by project instead of by date. Each page is dedicated to a new project, with individual boxes for steps + actions for the project, due dates, and boxes to check to kick this project off the to-do list or save for later. The Moorea Seal Planner is a must for anyone with a love of lists, those who like to break things down by steps, or the person who has more ideas than they know what to do with.

You Are a Circle by Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G" - a meditation challenge to boost creativity

Beautiful poetry accompanied by images to inspire meditation and creativity. Or to just inspire you to do you, because it is your moment.

Bodha Purify Smokeless Incense - to guide you back to yourself

A blend of pink lotus and jasmine to help spark a sense of clarity. Burn during morning rituals to ground yourself for the new day, use along with meditation to focus on new beginnings with the New Year, or create a sense of space during the workday. 

Kara Green