Bodha is our latest addition to brands that create ritual around the everyday. Their attention to using the finest natural ingredients shines through in the quality of Bodha products. 

We’re thrilled to have their smokeless incense sticks. Try:

Calm - with lavender, geranium and rosewood for a break from stress

Ground -  with Japanese Cypress, Cedarwoodand Bergamot to reconnect with the spirit and surroundings

Purify - with Pink Lotus, Daphne Odora, and Jasmine to help find clarity

Refresh - with Cyclamen, Primrose, and Jasmine to recharge

For a hands-on ritual pick up one of their Aromatherapy Eye-Pillows. Each pillow is made of organic cotton, which holds a pocket of washed Japanese linen filled with lavender, chamomile and organic buckwheat. The scent helps create a sense of calm while the pillow engages with acupressure points around the eyes. Use the pillow during meditation or sleep to for a calming effect. 

For a quick dose of calm, try the Calm Ritual Oil. It combines geranium, lavender, and sage to create a natural, soothing smell. Add a few drops of the Calm Ritual Oil to your yoga mat, under your pillow before bed, or in a diffuser to enjoy the calming impact of this handcrafted oil.

Kara Green