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NOVA is the perfume studio run by perfumer, Julia Zangrilli, in New York City where she crafts custom magic and signature scents for her customers. Once deciding to pursue perfume, Julia began her studies in New York but moved on to the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France, where she was certified as a perfumer. Quickly, Julia set up her home lab in 2011 to begin making magic. Since embarking on her fragrance journey, she has gained an intimate understanding of oil dynamics and fragrance structures which have lead to her signature style for crafting fragrance compositions. Working with others to build signature scents, Julia focuses on tailoring each fragrance to a person's particular taste and skin chemistry. 

While becoming a perfumer was not always in the cards, after finding she had a knack for discerning smells a friend prompted her to follow her nose (wink). After studying, experimenting and building her library of materials all she needed was a little support from her friends and mentors. Julia was then ready to launch her signature scent Chakra by Nova, which is a delightful blend of Bulgarian rose, tobacco and leather -- the perfect marriage of floral and musk! 

We are so honored to carry NOVA perfumes at Field Trip, which include the signature CHARKA and four other MUSK perfumes - White, Mineral, Beige & Green. Stop by and have a smell on us! 

Check out NOVA's Instagram for some fragrance inspiration. 

Photo by Jens Ingvarsson for  Refinery29

Photo by Jens Ingvarsson for Refinery29

Image via NOVA

Image via NOVA

Image via NOVA

Image via NOVA

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