Need a little creative inspiration? or something to light your fire? Pick up a copy of Guillaume Wolf's "You are a Message," guaranteed to shake you up and out of your creative slumber and give you a little get-up-and-go to start any of those projects you've spent countless hours, days or years dreaming about.

Theres a new breed of creatives out there who have an interesting view of life: They get the idea of the whole, interconnected, living systems.
If you’re one of them, keep making these connections. Keep mapping new territories. Good things are coming your way.

We all live as different parts of one unified living system. You and I are not separate. This is the most beautiful realization, when you finally get it.
If this idea is new for you, keep at it: This insight and mental gap will support you in creating change and long term sustainable growth, both in your life and in your business.

What whole living system are you apart of?
Do you know every corner of that system?
How can you move beyond the corner of that living system?
— Guillaume Wolf, You are a Message: Meditations for the Creative Entrepreneur
Kara Green