Small Batch Gift Guide - Manly

1. The Sum Fragrance |The White

Woodsy, smoky smell; handcrafted in Portland, Oregon

2. Manready Mustache Treatment

A creamy wax to hold mustache hairs in place and soothe dry skin underneath

3. Manready Hand Salve

For soft hands and the greatest unisex scent of bay leaves and mint

4. Manready Beard Treatment 

Treatment to treat dry skin under the beard; infused with argan oil to care for the individual beard hairs and sandalwood for a woodsy smell 

5. Anvil Notebook 

An easy-to-carry notebook to record dreams, ideas, plans, or measurements 

6. Hershel Chapter Travel Kit

A bag that is ready to handle even the messiest of spoilable products 


Kara Green