Gift Guide: For Friends


Gifts for the friends who see you through thick and thin -- love them and treat them to a lil' holiday surprise! 


1. Jenny Penny Wood - Indigo Triangle Pillow

16" box triangle pillow made from pre-washed linen/rayon fabric

2. Moon Juice - Spirit Dust

The divine energy formula feeds the thriving physical body, and unites the heart and spirit with sacred herbs. Alchemized with adaptogens know to promote awareness, creativity, and joy for a peaceful mind and expanded existence. Wild crafted Ingredients: Goji, Reishi, Logan, Astragalus, Salvia, Stevia

3. "The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes" by Justina Blakeney

LA-based designer Justina Blakeney defines the New Bohemians as creative individuals who are boutique owners and bloggers, entrepreunrs and ex-pats, artists and urban farmers. They embrace free-spirited, no-rules lifestyles and apply that attitude to all areas of their existence, including their homes.

4. Earth Tu Face - Rosemary + Salt Lotion

Organic Body Lotion infused with botanicals . The light, invigorating scent is inspired by fresh plants and salty ocean air.

5. Jiva Apoha - Mukti (Freedom)

All Natural Sesame & Sunflower oils. 100% Pure Essential Sandalwood & Champa oils.

MUKTI simply means FREEDOM in Sanskrit, a word that surely deserves all capital letters. This blend is an olfactorytribute to the Summer of Love—1969, when so many people discovered that compassion, kindness and respect (and not merely tolerance) was the new currency for one of the most exciting and continually inspiring periods in American History. MUKTI’s exquisite Sandalwood and Indian Champa represent new beginnings and fertile imaginations. You’ll discover the unmistakable, long-treasured scent of Nag Champa incense (originally created by Satya Sai Baba several decades ago), but a bit breezier, lighter and nuanced; created with the senses firmly rooted in luxury and always with the standards of Ayurvedicpurity and integrity. 

6. Kishu Binchotan Charcoal - Water Purifier

Made in the Kishu region of Japan since the Edo period, Binchotan charcoal is activated by burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures for several days and then rapidly cooling them. Known as the highest quality activated charcoal for purifying water, Binchotan charcoal can be used to absorb chemicals in tap water, remove toxins from the skin, capture moisture and odors from the air, enhance blood circulation in a hot bath, stimulate healthy soil in the garden and deflect negative ions in your home.

7. Katie Armour - Waning Moon Hair Comb

Hand Carved in Portland, Oregon from Oregon Maple and finished with Walnut oil. 

8. Chloe May Brown - Blue Squiggle Mug

Hand formed & glazed mug made in Maine by artist Chloe May Brown


Kara Green