Mystical Week - October 8th, 2018


In the SIX OF CUPS the waters of memory hold great healing and nostalgia. We gaze happily into the past so that we can be reminded of how we arrived to where we are now. We comb over the memories in our minds that have helped to shape who we are. There is a childlike wonder associated with this card and a feeling of revery that fuels our hearts on the path to the wondrous love of the self. This card asks us to be humbled by our past and to cherish the events that carried us here. Six is also the number of past lives and soulmates. Who are you a soulmate to ? Who is in your life now that is a soulmate to you ? Perhaps with the help of the six of cups your path to this divine information is clear. Walk gracefully and resonate with the memory of you were and who you are now.

Kara Green