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Seattle-Base Blackbird creates otherworldly scents that are like nothing else we've sniffed before. Blackbird began as a men's clothing store and expanded into a design studio that creates lovely, modern products that are easy to incorporate into daily rituals. 

If you're looking for a scent that lingers in a room, try the Blackbird Incense Pyres, which offer a new take on this ancient craft. The sleek, modern packaging is also functional and the lid can be used to hold the incense while it burns. 

Lonewa, the Field Trip favorite incense, combines cedarwood, New Orleans Moss, and fig to create a Pacific Northwest twist on New Orleans. This unique scent is perfect to accompany a special evening or daily rituals.

Blood Countess, which is Blackbird's best selling incense, offers a grounding scent that uses dragon's blood resin and frankincense to warm spirits. Try it during mediation or while catching up on the news.

Blackbird also creates dreamy perfumes to bring their scents wherever you go. The Pipe Bomb Perfume has a subtle smell in the beginning and after 10 minutes explodes into a warm inviting smell with saltwater, metal, and amber notes. The Iroko Perfume combines sandalwood, teak, and cedar for a unisex, woodsy smell that is sure to be your new favorite scent.

Kara Green