The always joyous but ever hectic holiday season is upon us.  Its easy to get carried away in bottomless feasts, endless gift-giving and general merriment but all that can easily turn to worry and anxiety when it comes to planning for family and meeting expectations.  

Try one or all of these 10 steps to stay grounded this holiday season:

1.  Set daily intentions 

2. Let go of expectations 

3. Focus more on the little moments like that cup of tea with a family member or friend 

4. Don't forget to take deep relaxing breathes 

5. Take a soak - set aside 30 minutes for a relaxing bath or a mindful warm shower

6. Try a headstand! -- inversions calm the brain, relieve stress &  simulate digestion 

7.  Pause & Reflect with gratitude 

8. Take a walk -- notice the trees, the sky, the cracks in the pavement. 

9. Give of your time and gift experiences that feel meaningful.  

10. Last, but never least -- treat yourself!


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Kara Green