Background: indigo bandana - hand-dyed by Field Trip, available in store

Background: indigo bandana - hand-dyed by Field Trip, available in store

We can give ourselves the unconditional love that is the grounding for sustained acceptance and affirmation.  - bell hooks

February is known as the month of love. While self-love is nothing new, it's still radical and important in our current times. At Field Trip, we do our best to carry products that allow others to care for themselves and feel good knowing the products they are buying are not only nurturing, but also supporting small batch makers. In this spirit, we bring you a round-up of feel-good lovelies to care for yourself this month. 


Smoke Trinity Perfume Set - smart packaging with 3 perfumes so you have a scent for every mood. Includes the following perfumes:

Smoke - has notes of vetiver, jasmine, and citrus for a grounding and uplifting smell

Ritual - combines neroli, rose, and patchouli for a warm spicy scent

Wellspring - a floral, wet earth, honey scent with ylang ylang, violet, and amber



RoseGlow Complexion Mist - reclaim the healing power of roses from their commercialized meaning. Living Libations uses rose to moisturize the skin, help reduce inflammation, and uplift scents with the intoxicating scent. Use anytime your skin or spirits need refreshing.


Lonewa Cone Incense - a mossy, woodsy, grounding scent that can fill a room without overwhelming the senses. It's perfect for creating a sense of home and warmth. Also perfect for covering-up the fact you took time away from chores to focus on self-care, no judgment here. Made by Blackbird.

Palm Incense Holder - a lovingly made ceramic dish to hold incense, earrings, bobby pins, or anything your heart desires, by I I I V V V Y Y Y.

Feminist Emmanuel Pin - made by Anna Joyce in Portland, OR. This pin is a simple, beautiful way to express your beliefs without having to utter a word. 

Clear Quartz - available in store; a master healer and a wonderful intention holder aka a perfect crystal for self-love.



Kara Green