Woven Currents

Whether its May or December, we are always dreaming of the beach.  Needless to say that we couldn't be more excited to have pieces from Woven Currents adorning our walls and windows.  Inspired by the movement of the ocean, each one of the pieces are inspired and named after a beach or  marine term, learned during the designer's time in environmental studies.  

Celina the founder of Woven Currents had always held a connection to the water, spending the majority of her time growing up by the Pacific Ocean, swimming, surfing, and exploring.  Her passion lead her to an environmental stewardship and a Graduate Degree in Sustainability.  She now spends her mornings using her knowledge to protect and conserve all bodies of water and the natural environment.

Celina discovered macrame as a form of meditation and art, and found that each knot and weave reminded her of the oceans tides and waves.  Over time she has gathered many shells, rock, and driftwood, that she incorporates into her pieces.  Although she is never too far from the ocean, having moved from California to Oregon, Celina started Woven Currents to bring the feel of the ocean into the home.


Kara Green