The Local Foods Wheel

Image via The Local Foods Wheel

Image via The Local Foods Wheel

The Local Foods Wheel was started by 3 women who combined their experience working with farmers, ranchers, foragers, fishermen, and local food experts to create a source for what's in season and what's local. Their mission is to educate people on what food are in season in their region so they can help support local farms and eat more fresh local produce. Currently, there are wheels for the Northwest, Southern California, the San Francisco area of California, and the Upper Midwest. We carry the Northwest Food Wheel in store and online. 

The Northwest wheel focuses on local, seasonal food in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The wheel has a cutout that is spun to a certain month and the cutout reveals illustrations of the seasonal food available during that month. Foods that are available year-round are illustrated on the outside of the wheel. Some interesting picks that are local to the Northwest and in season after the Spring Equinox are:

Shrimp season



Broccoli Rabe

While Sea Vegetables, Pacific Cod, wine, and mushrooms are available from local sources year round.

The Local Foods Wheel is an interactive way to engage children with eating locally. It's a great resource to keep in the kitchen or a lovely gift for anyone who cooks.

Kara Green