Weaving Kits

We have 2 limited edition weaving kits available in store. The kits include everything needed to learn to weave or to upgrade to a larger frame loom. 

Ashford frame loom - measures 14” x 11” - this loom is made of Sliver Beech and is designed hold different warps and tensions

Tapestry needle - steady needle to help finish ends or weave a tight design

Shed stick - to help speed along the process

Shuttle - to hold yarn as you weave

Yarn - enough yarn to create the weaving of your dreams

Warp - the bones of the weaving, enough for 1 warp

If your New Year’s resolution includes learning to weave or expanding on your weaving knowledge:

Marine Moodie now offers a Weaving Basics (https://maryannemoodie.com/tutorials/weaving-basics) online course

The Weaving Loom (http://www.theweavingloom.com/beginners-guide-to-weaving/) is a great blog that features step-by-step details on everything including how to warp a loom, the braid weave, and rya loops

Kara Green