Image via Vitruvi

Image via Vitruvi

In honor of our restock of Vitruvi essential oils, we bring you the easiest body oil recipe for a quick and personalized skin refresher or a thoughtful gift!

Body Oil Recipe
carrier oil (try Sweet Almond oil for a sweet, moisturizing base or Jojoba Oil for a hydrating bases that mimics the skin's own oil)
essential oil
add drops of essential oil to carrier oil until the mixture reaches desired strength - the suggested ratio is 12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz carrier oil, but this will depend on the type of essential oil and carrier oil used and, of course this is made especially for you so find the balance that is right for you!

Bergamot Oil for a warm, uplifting, comforting scent
Germanium Oil for a soft floral scent that lifts spirits and helps fight the effects of depression and PMS
Lavender Oil for a calming, de-stressing effect and a warm floral scent
Ylang Ylang Oil for a deep floral scent and a romantic evening; it's also known to soothe skin, promote sleep, and help with depression

Kara Green