You are a Message, You are a Dream, You are a Circle

We’re always pulling these books off our shop table to soak up the bits of super valuable information they hold for creatives. Today we’ll share a few of our favorite insights from each book. Enjoy!


There are so many fears that can plague creatives and lead them to paralysis. Yet when you really look into it, you will find out that all of these fears relate to this thing we call identity.

It’s a form of twisted movement that attacks the self. “If I fail with this; then I will be no good,” “If I try this; then they’re going to mock me,” etc.

The only way out is to take your “identity” with a grain of salt. It’s not about you, it’s just about doing an experiment. At some point you might fail at something. And your job is to say to yourself: “Wow, that experiment did not go too well. Now, how do I get back on that horse?”

When you treat everything as an experiment, you’re naturally willing to try, and try again–for as long as you need. “Failing” doesn’t mean you’re not good. It means you were courageous enough to try tackling something hard in the first place. It means that you’re a courageous individual. And that daring spirit should define your identity.

–from “You Are a Message”


When you create, you are expressing your personal freedom and your highest potential. you are echoing life’s universal creative process.

-From “You Are A Dream”


Never think you’re too old to start something new. Never think you’re too young to start something new. Whatever age–you’re good to go.

From “You Are A Circle”

Kara Green