Pine Pollen

Many of us know Pine Pollen as a pesky allergen, but in fact it is King in the world of herbal and plant medicines. Pine Pollen has long been revered by ancient civilizations as a potent healing and nutrient dense superfood. With over 200 bioactive nutrients, vitamins and minerals Pine Pollen is one of the most measurable herbal medicines on the planet and is known as a rejuvenator and adaptogen.

Pine Pollen originates in the form of a seed and contains the fundamental life nutrients and energy to grown enormous trees. At its essence, pine pollen provides humans with the same rapid growth, rejuvenation and healing that it provides the mother tree. High in B-Vitamins, amino acids, Vitamin D3, and nucleic acids.  Pine Pollen also has the remarkable ability to harmonize and rejuvenate the endocrine system, stimulates testosterone, and is the only natural source of DHEA - which is the most abundant and important precursor hormone in the human body. Imbalances in DHEA lead to hormonal imbalance as a whole and as we age our bodies reflect lover levels of DHEA production, which is why supplementing with pine pollen is considered to enhance longevity. Optimal levels of DHEA are associated with improved mood,  muscle development, fat loss, increased sex drive, and immunity. 

Pine Pollen grows wild in many places across the globe, but it is important when looking for pine pollen to chose a quality that has been wildcrafted and wild-harvested and sourced from pollution-free wilderness. It is also important to note that pine pollen can only be absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue of in the esophagus as it will not survive in the stomach and will be excreted by the liver. For maximum benefit mix raw powder with a little water and hold under tongue for a about a minute. Read more here.


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Sun Potion invitations for use: Mix 1 gram in water, tea, a smoothie or enjoy by itself.

  • support hormonal balance in men and women
  • enhance metabolism
  • increase libido
  • supports and detoxify the liver
  • may improve endurance


Kara Green