Mystical Week - June 17th, 2018

Have things been moving rather quickly for you, lately ? With the Summer Solstice fast approaching, I feel this is a timely card. There is a law in physics that muses on the quickening of time that occurs each time the winter solstice begins its ascent to the summer one. With the solstice happening this week, our days are the longest they will be for the entire year. The longevity of afternoon to evening means we have even more time to have conversations we need to have, finally write those thank you notes, meet with interviewers about new job opportunities, finalize contracts with partners and collaborators and ultimately, move towards our goals. The time is ripe and the time is now to activate. The eight of wands is a "no time like the present card." Things happen quickly whether we like it or not so let the magical wind of this card carry you forth to action.

Written by Tracy Talley of The Mystical

Kara Green