Field Trip is now featuring Zenbunni Chocolate! We are so excited to be able to offer this earth friendly, body nurturing chocolate treat! 

ZenBunni chocolate is brought to us from husband and wife team, Zen and Bunni.  Their family chocolate business was first inspired by Mother Nature but is now largely inspired by Zen and Bunni's daughter, Alchemy.  Crafting their ethical and sustainable family business around chocolate led the ZenBunni team to focus on sourcing the highest quality organic and biodynamic cocoa, spices, and ingredients. ZenBunni chocolates are RAW ensuring that they maintain their naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  These chocolates not only help nurture and heal our bodies, but the earth as well!  From their Rabbit Hole in Venice Beach, CA Zen and Bunni inspire and teach others about health, healing and nature through the powerful taste of chocolate. 

All ZenBunni Chocolates are microcosmic and free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar!

We are grateful to have ZenBunni Chocolate's "Mocha Mucha" and "Lost Salt of Atlantis." Stop by for a sweet treat at the shop! 


Kara Green