Mystical Week - September 23rd, 2018


This week the tarot dropped us into the TEN OF WANDS. There is an immediate feeling of burden with this card. More specifically, hard work and laborious tasks. Perhaps we are working on too many things at once or facing the necessity of identifying our strengths and weaknesses there. Wands are action. They are the element of fire and spirit. This deepens our understanding of effort in this card. We are likely doing this blood-sweat-and-tears-work in order to grow. In this particular card, the woman is both a figure of a tree and a butterfly. She is grounded in her perseverance and ready to take off as soon as her tasks are completed. The taste of freedom is close and she knows it. Tens are completion. Just a little bit longer and you shall be free to change.

Crafted by Tracy*Talley of The Mystical.

Kara Green