FREE TALK: Exercising your Inner Athlete

FREE TALK: Exercising your Inner Athlete


May 20th @ 10-11am

Exercising Your Inner Athlete, Sunday, May 20, 2018, 10am-11am

Harnessing emotions, building intuition, developing healing capacity

Lead by Laura Goff, LAc

Are you tired of being apologetic for feeling your feels? Maybe you just stuff the emotions or hide them so everything seems fine on the outside but you’re quietly dying on the inside or waiting to erupt like a volcano. Or, how often do you completely dissociate from your emotions so instead of letting them bubble out or flow your body stores them in your physical body and you’re dealing with chronic health issues, injuries, etc that stem from your emotions?

What if, like an athlete training for a new sport or position, you could exercise and train your emotional body as a tool for accessing and utilizing your intuitive abilities to heal yourself and those around you? Exercising You Inner Athlete is exactly what this class is about. This class is also a prelude of what Laura has in store for a year-long course she is planning. While emotional work sounds intense, the exercises are intended to be fun, sensual, relaxing and beautiful and will include things like dance, movement, guided meditation and more. 

If you can join Laura on May20th, Laura asks that you bring a fresh cut herb either from your garden, nature or the grocery store to share. 


 Laura Goff is the owner of Beacon Acupuncture in Sellwood and she is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Certified Qi Gong Instructor in practice for close to 10 years. Her work is grounded in a Traditional Chinese Medicine foundation and enhanced with additional training in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Five Element Acupuncture. She also works intuitively using qi gong, quantum shiatsu and channeling her higher self and spirit guides to inform each treatment. One of Laura’s favorite memories of her childhood was getting to be the “Sleep Fairy” in her preschool class which entailed waking her classmates at the end of nap time. The delight she felt in doing this is the same delight she feels when she helps people awaken to their light.



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