Intro to Watercolors

Intro to Watercolors


Join us July 11th 7 - 9 pm

Artist Claire Elliott will take you through the basics of setting up your project space, demonstrate essential watercolor brush techniques, explain color mixing, and how to build a palette. Through painting prompts and exercises, learn how to draw inspiration from the world around you and never find yourself without something to paint. Leave class with a watercolor starter kit (including palette, paint and brushes) and the knowledge you need to start your next art project or embark on a daily watercolor practice.

Claire Elliott is an artist and educator whose paintings are centered around explorations of the natural world, with a particular focus on how we categorize and venerate plant life. Working in watercolor and oil, she finds inspiration in color and searches for the heights and limits of paint. Originally from New York, she received her MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston at Tufts University in 2014. 

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