Mohinders- Women's City Slippers

Mohinders- Women's City Slippers


Mohinders- Women's City Slippers

Small-batch water buffalo leather: that develops a rich patina, gets softer and forms to your foot with a bit of time and wear. Handmade with a durable natural crepe rubber sole. 

Full-grain leather produced in small batches in India
Cushioned footbed
Natural crepe rubber sole
Cavani hand-weaving creates a durable, non-adhesive bond between upper and midsole
Made by highly skilled, fairly-compensated artisans

Runs true to size. Round up if you're a half size. 
Don't worry if they feel like they're slipping off at first; within a few wears the leather will form to your feet and they'll stay on.

A note about the break-in.

Our leather goes from raw hide to leather in a cleaner, small-scale artisan tanning process. It’s stiff, like raw denim, so the upper has a bite at first; after a few wears, they will soften.

If you have wide feet. 

These may feel too narrow or a squeeze at first, but give them a few wears—they should also widen to your foot size.

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