Morning Rituals with Adaptogens

Morning Rituals with Adaptogens


Join us Saturday April 28th @ 10-11am.  You will receive a ceramic mug (see image) Sun Potion adaptogens as well as tea/matcha. 

Amrit-Sadhana of will be leading us in class!  The way we start our morning has an impact on the energy of our entire day. Taking a few minutes to consciously connect to your body and see what it needs each morning can make a world of difference. Mornings are a great time to start introducing adaptogens into your body as your morning brew is the perfect vehicle. Learn how to upgrade your morning with an adaptogenic latte and meditation to get you off on the right foot.


Amrit-Sadhana created Body Bliss Life as a way to help women find bliss in every aspect of their lives. Growing up in a yogic home; yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and a healthy diet are second nature to her. Knowing this was not the norm for most western women, she wanted to create a platform where women could go for all things wellness, consciousness and body love. With a lifetime of experience, her knowledge and passion for this lifestyle radiates. She will give you the tools to fill your life with bliss and fall deeply in love with your body.

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