Motha Butta - Coconut Butter

Motha Butta - Coconut Butter

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Sea Salt Vanilla

Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Vanilla Paste, Organic Hawaiian Sea Salt

Matcha Vanilla Bean

A collaboration with Portlands finest Tea Bar and Motha' Butta - we're launching Vanilla Bean Matcha flavored coconut butter. Using the finest grade matcha, raw madagascan vanilla bean, and organic coconut to give you all that your morning, afternoons and after dinner treats need.

Add this directly into your matcha for more 'oomph' or use in other recipes for that creamy vanilla matcha flavor.  

Cacao Infused

Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic dried coconut

Espresso Bean Cacao Infused

Using Generous Coffee to craft our most popular Espresso Cacao blended butta'.

Generous Coffee is providing jobs for women in the small village of La Cuchilla, Honduras. These beans bring notes of dark chocolate, black cherry and caramel with a juicy mouthfeel. 

This blend of butta' is perfect atop a scoop of ice cream, a nice dessert spread, or drop a spoonful in your perfect cup of roasted coffee.






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